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It's not just the locations that make Point Blank what it is, meet the lecturers...

Point Blank’s new learning facility has captured the attention of many students who want to learn more about the music industry. The new studio space in trendy Dalston is a worthy addition to sit alongside the original London based site and is proving a to be a popular destination for new students from all around the globe, however not only have Point Blank got a great new space, they have also got some great, high calibre lecturers who alongside the locations and buildings make Point Blank what it is.

Kevin Kerrigan (Speciality: Music Composition)

“Point Blank is a good learning environment as we focus on creative, practical work and approach sessions in a hands on, real life way, just like real life music work. The focus here is on learning new skills and improving current ones by practice. There is a great spirit of support and teamwork between our students/producers which helps bring the session to life. It’s social, practical, and great fun, which is ultimately when we are all at our most creative.

I personally enjoy sharing little tricks and studio secrets I’ve learned over the years which are not new to me, but can be revelations to new producers! It reminds me of recording sessions early in my career when experienced producers like Brian Eno showed me similar tricks and how this ultimately influenced my own work. As the now ‘experienced guy’, I like to bring this sense of mentorship to my classes and pass on my own tricks to these next gen producers. Selfishly it’s rewarding to see! Everyone has a good time and learns a lot too so it’s win win…”

Linton Bennett (Speciality: Music Composition)

“The environment at PB has been designed to encourage face to face communal networking, encouraging students to interact, often leading to musical collaboration and shared knowledge among the many modules being taught. I get the freedom to teach from both the school’s excellent syllabus and my own instructor/personal industry perspective. Students are often taken aback at how relaxed and informative the classes are. Point Blank encourages a ‘can do’ ethos for all levels of student ability and the instructors ensure all students progress in their field of study.”

Natasha Klerks (Speciality: Music Industry)

“The studios are ace, the new building is fresh and exciting: a fun, creative environment to learn in. I can be myself and I get a lot of inspiration from the students, and a lot of their great music to play out - haha! I have a great relationship with my students, they are all keen to learn and progress really quickly, they have promoted great parties as part of their music industry modules in their course.”

Michael Bailey (Speciality: Radio)

“From instructor, to student, to staff, you’re in a building full of knowledgeable, creative and active people. It’s a melting pot of industry contacts.”

Saytek (Speciality: Music Production)

“The most satisfying thing for me is seeing absolute beginners flourish into music producers in a matter of weeks. I am regularly blown away by students work!”

Danny De Matos (Speciality: Music Production)

“Point Blank students come from every corner of the earth. The opportunity to build a global network of fellow student contacts both during and after courses are completed, is simply second to none.”

Seamus Haji (Speciality: Remix/Music Industry)

“I wish Point Blank existed when I was a youngster! It may sound cliché but music is a universal language that brings people together and being able to teach something that I’m passionate about is a fortunate position to be in. Being able to draw upon my own personal experience & knowledge I find makes the whole process a lot more tangible for the student in class. When given real life scenarios they are engaged, enthusiastic and want to learn.”