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Catch Yousef and Kerri Chandler play in totally new audio format.

Ministry of Sound continue to push the boundaries when it comes to offering clubbers the ultimate night out. Their newest venture sees them teaming up with the inventors of surround sound Dolby Laboratories and Yousef’s Circus Recordings, to launch the biggest innovation in nightclub sound for a generation.

This coming Saturday 19th March, Yousef, ably joined by the one and only Kerri Chandler will deliver a unique performance at London’s Ministry of Sound in Dolby Atmos, the brand new nightclub sound format developed in an exclusive collaboration between Ministry of Sound and Dolby Laboratories.

As part of its 25th Year anniversary, Ministry of Sound has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to deliver a series of unique musical events. Dolby Atmos creates an incredibly immersive sound in which individual parts of the music can be physically moved by the DJ – completely live – through, around and above the audience.

House music legend Kerri Chandler will play his entire set in Dolby Atmos, promising to be one of the clubbing highlights of the year. By using the new Dolby Atmos sound technology, Chandler will live-mix the position of each sound in each track he plays, while also mixing his tracks together and performing live keyboards and vocals.

Chandler has created a substantial amount of all-new material for his 19th March set, tailored to the incredible new Ministry of Sound/Dolby Atmos sound system, with his biggest hits re-worked especially for this event.

Yousef, the driving force behind the Circus Recordings imprint, will also be performing in Dolby Atmos. Yousef has been a key part of the Ministry of Sound’s partnership with Dolby since its inception, and has been working around the clock, developing and unlocking the incredible creative possibilities inherent in this innovative new audio technology.

Both Yousef’s and Kerri’s sets will mark a special moment in the evolution of the art of the DJ – definitely not to be missed.

Grab your tickets here for a truly mind-blowing musical and sonic experience.