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Hyve Touch Synth smashes Kickstarter goal

Hyve Touch Synth smashes Kickstarter goal

Fun, expressive, analog: what more do you want?

The Hyve synth — that looks like a cross between a stylophone and the Buchla Music Easel — launched on Kickstarter last week, and has already reached its $20,000 target with 25 days to go!

This futuristic-looking, DIY synth garnered a lot of interest when it was first announced back in 2015 and now, thanks to its successful crowd-funding campaign, is set for a full release in September this year.

The Hyve comes with two playing surfaces, a traditional piano-style keyboard and a hexagonal grid. The grid allows users to move their fingers over notes that work together in groups to create chords, the playing surface is also pressure sensitive allowing for some interesting modulations of sound.

You can pre-order the DIY Kit on Kickstarter for between $79 or $149 whilst a fully-built one will set you back $299.

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